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Reports from various locations

  • Creeks and Cuivre River in St. Charles County MO 23 Sept 07
  • The dog days and low water make fish very wary in the smaller creeks and rivers, but they will still bite on a woolly worm fished on a long leader or a twitch bait on an ultralight spinning rod.
  • Mississippi River, Winfield MO 08-15Sept 2007
  • The big river broken record is playing all the dog days of summer and early fall. In the Mississippi River above the locks, large freshwater drum feed on zebra mussels, shad, and herring. A live or fresh shad pitched into the deep water on stout tackle will attract these under appreciated fish. The bigger the shad (or herring) the bigger the drum, with 3lbs to 15lbs very typical. A heavy barge traffic day only makes them bite better, as the drum feed heavily on the opening of the locks. A rotten shrimp or ball of worms on a circle hook may also get a few channel and flathead catfish as a bonus. Use circle hooks to allow easy release, and sash style weights to minimize hang-ups (though those will still happen).
  • St. Charles MO Riverfront 23 Aug, 25 Aug,1 Sep 2007
  • The old wingdikes and riverfront near the Lewis and Clark departure point in Saint Charles Missouri offer lazy catfishing and carping for those who want to dare the walk out on the slippery rocks (yes they can be dangerous, be careful) or from the safer mud banks. The classic catfish and carp baits work for tightlining, freelining, or bobbering into the current. The Carp typically sit near the numerous ditch and creek mouths, and love corn and red worms, while large catfish can be caught in the current eddies using larger baits, such as cut fresh shad. In the main current on the bottom, shovelnose sturgeon and drum will eat a worm. Big weights are the rule in the current, but many large fish are present, and if you get skunked, you can always clean up and stroll the shops a block away on Main Street in Old Town.
  • Columbia Bottom St. Louis County, MO 11 Aug 07
  • Hot weather means catfish at night and early morning, though during the day those cats are a might bit smaller. JUst above the confluence channel catfish from 8" to 15" were legion, and using an ultralight and a circle hook (to avoid deep hooking these pints) with worm they can be fun for as long as you can stand the heat.
  • Meramec Springs and Meramec River St. James MO 28 Jul 07
  • Trout parks are all about competition, so I like to not even start fishing till around lunch, and use a flyrod at that :0) Large Globalls and cracklebacks proved irresisable to the stocker rainbows, and when I moved to the trophy area, the same #18 crackleback proved very effective, with many catches+releases. Canoe jams, aside, this is a good trophy area.
  • Chain of Rocks 22 Jul 07
  • Dropping water finally exposed the sand bar, and a jig on the sprinning rod or chenelle fly under an indicator for the flyrod caught a few small white bass and drum. The dog days have indeed arrived here.
  • Middle and South Boulder Creeks, Boulder CO 16-19 Jul 07
  • Boulder Creek above Boulder proper produces small browns and cutthroats quite regularly, and a white streamer or dry (#14) on 2lb tippet will get hit. Likewise, little cutthroats inhabit the waters of El Dorado canyon and also hit white streamers. Fish them slow and wiggly and they will get hit there too. If you fish Eldorado Canyon, just remember the foxes show up at dark!
  • Saverton Dam (IL Side) 07 Jul 07 (its 7-7-7 day)
  • Its a lucky day for one of the best spots on the Mississippi River, and the white bass are biting! White was the color this time, and even in 98 degree heat white bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and hybrids (along with goldeyes, catfish, and herring) bit on white/silver spoons and jigs or flyrod heaved #6 streamers and zonkers. Bring lots of water!
  • Lake Taneycomo, Branson MO 30 Jun-04 Jul 07
  • Its a classic spot to celebrate Independence Day, and firecrackers aren't the only thing popping. Table Rock Dam is doing daily early releases, but not all releases are enough to totally chase off the waders by the dam. Cracklebacks and zonkers again produced well every morning, with the bite going strong till around 2PM. Downtown Branson is now nearly complete, and a mall straddles the old downtown waterfront, but a set of docks above Roarke Creek are re-fishable. Boatwise, Roarke Creek to Cooper Creek had schools of biters on the surface, and they hit everything from glow-balls on the fly to powerbait on the spinner and everything in between. The new hatchery stream is almost done as well with a fish ladder and new raceways!
  • Saverton Dam IL side Miss. River 24 Jun 07
  • This place was so good we had to go back the following weekend. We were NOT disappointed. Initially, we were a little concerned with the sudden rise in water over the dam, forcing us to fish near the parking lot, but the flowing water also brought on a bite along the entire length of the dam, and as the water receded, we fished and caught all the way out to the locks. The fish concentrated within a few feet of the waterfalls created by the flow over, and blasted silversides and emerald shiners with abandon. Clouds of 1lb-4lb drum formed between the white waters, herring blasted in the outflow, and white bass fed everywhere. A simple red chenille wrapped 1/80th oz black jig head fished below an indicator caught everything, while a jig head with a white drop shot minnow caught fish on spinning gear. A emerald shiner fished on a jig head also caught fish every cast, and added catfish to the tally. Once the water retreated, a trip out to the locks produced all the bighead carp you wanted to catch, provided you had 50lb spectra available to pull them out of the current. Catfish were boiling everywhere, and would have probably hit anything on the surface...but a person can only fight so many fish :0
  • Saverton Dam IL side Miss. River 16 Jun 07
  • The water dropped below the high water side of the dam, exposing and drying a place to walk out to the maelstrom near the gates of the lock itself. Despite the 98F 90% humidity, the walk was worth it. emerald shiners and silversides were being blasted by a wide variety of gamefish, making a legendary day of fishing. A spinning rod with culy tail jig pitched to the water whirlpooling from the open gates was pounced by drum, white bass, and flathead catfish. Switch to a small zonker with tungsten bead on a flyrod and get herring, drum, and white bass. A 2"-3" spoon pitched far into the fast water and reeled VERY fast was hit by much larger white bass(2 to 3lbs+) and very large bighead carp (8lbs+). If you weren't catching (and releasing in our case) over 30 fish this day, you weren't there. It was very fast paced all day, and only an empty water supply at 3PM drove us back to the parking lot, though the fish were still blasting the surface. Too bad every day isn't this good.
  • Creve Coeur Upper Lake MO and Creeks 08 Jun 07
  • If you like catfish, now is the time! While boats raced on the main Creve Coeur lake, I took my sis and niece to the much quieter, though fairly unfished (though well walked around) upper Creve Coeur lake. Fill a #8 hook with whole kernel can corn on 4lb test, and NO weight, and pitch 10 yards off the bank near any structure. Bread works also. In a few minutes bullheads and 10"-14" channel catfish zoomed in and ate with abandon, allowing even a novice angler to catch a few fish even mid afternoon. Why corn? Surrounding this lake are hundreds of acres of prime cornfields, which flood every spring and let the lake and creek resident fish have a corn dinner each high water. In the big rivers, a barge loading area has a similar corn-fed catfish and carp crowd. Using a fly rod, a #14 black thread jig or streamer will get crappie and bluegill in the same spots. We nailed and released (too many fish already in the freezer) 5 catfish in under 50 mins...they bite that fast. In the creeks the bass are slowing down and heading to deeper water, but bluegill and green sunfish will still hit a well placed fly.
  • Winfield MO Sandy Slough and Perque Creek 1-3 Jun 07
  • Warm waters coupled with a rise in water levels to pre-drought conditions and a full moon lead to excellent fishing almost anywhere you dropped a hook. In the sloughs of the Mississippi River a boom in emerald shiner and silverside populations resulted in a feast for a wide range of piscatorial predators from herring and white bass, to rock dwelling small and largemouth bass. The rising waters also made omnivores like catfish, drum, and carp put on the feed bag as well. For the bass and catfish, you had to match the hatch very closely, and a live emerald shiner on a bobber worked excellently. For the drum, the standard cut shad worked wonders, including for the monster we caught late in the day. For the carp, whole kernel corn from the can on 4lb to 8lb line as usual lead to fine carp catching. As in the sloughs, the creeks have also returned to full levels, and beastly bass have run up the creeks from larger waters as well. These creek bass will nail any fly or soft plastic that looks like a meal and is presented on light tippets of 2 to 4lb.