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How to turn a business trip into an outdoor adventure

If you have to travel, why not have a bit of fun at it?

Soon after entering the business world I discovered that numerous trips to various parts of the country were required to get the job done.  Oh, I tried to weasel out of these trips, since they took me away from home and my favorite fishing spots, but I was unsuccessful.  Then, I accepted the inevitable and trudged my way through each trip, stressing until I traveled home and then returning home to exhausted to catch up on the work I left behind and to be conversant with my family and friends.

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So, how did I escape this pit of depression?  I realized a couple of things about every trip:

With a little time management, and using the tidbits above, one can see that: How do I turn all this time into a stress relieving adventure?
With: Pre-trip research about the area you are traveling to will save both stress and lost time.  An taking the available time at the destination to enjoy yourself will bring you home much happier (and better fit to deal with your family, friends, and job).

So enjoy your trips if you have to take them, and see if this page can help you along!

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