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(see also the legend of Ole Blue)

I have traveled 48 of the 50 United States, and at every lake and large river I have heard the following story-see if it sounds familiar:
"There are some BIG catfish in this (insert lake or river)! They sent some divers down a while back to (insert find a body, fix a bridge, examine the dam) and they came up saying that there were catfish as big as (insert pianos, buicks, bulldozers).  They were so scared they refused to go back down again!"

As fishing lore goes this story is as universal as it gets.  But how much of it is true?  Here are some interesting catfish truths:

    Bottom line-while every lake  or river may not be able to claim a diver sighting of a monster cat, the truth may be that a beast catfish might very well be lurking in the depths of some big water near you!

Get your Combat-Fishing Stuff Here!