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REELS (examples)
Heavy Saltwater Baitcasting/Trolling Penn Senator 4/0, 6/0, 9/0, 12/0+ International Series, Fin-Nor Tycoon, Shimano Tiagra, TLD40II+, Newell 500+ 6ft-7ft 'broomhandle' heavy rod with roller guides/tip 50lb class + (400yds+ of 50lb mono)
Midweight Saltwater Baitcasting/Trolling 

Heavy Freshwater Baitcasting/Trolling
Penn 535/545/555 GS,  25-45GLS, 3/0, 4/0, 309M 
Newell 220/330/440 series 
Shimano Triton, Diawa Sealine
6ft-8ft medium-medium heavy 
(famous 'california style live-bait' rods)
20-30lbs class (300yds + of 30lb, 400yds+of 20lb)
Heavy Saltwater Spinning 

Heavy Freshwater Spinning
Penn 7500/8500/9500//706/704 
Fin-Nor Ahab 16A/20A 
Quantum GW80 
Mitchell OR80/90 
Shapespere Sigma 060/080 
Van Staal 
6.5ft-12ft 15-20lb class (250yds+ of 15lb mono)
Light Saltwater Baitcasting 

Heavy-Midweight Freshwater Baitcasting
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 
 Penn 930/940, 500/505, 140/146, 9M,Mag10, GTi 
Pinnacle Coastal 
6-8ft heavy-medium heavy 15-20lb class (200yds+ of 15lb mono)
Midweight Saltwater Spinning  

MidHeavy Freshwater spinning
Penn 6500/5500/4500, 710/712 
Quantum GW40-GW60 
Mitchell OR70-OR80 
Shakespere Sigma 050 
6-9 feet medium action 10-15lb class (200yds+10lb mono)
Light Saltwater Spinning  

Midweight Freshwater spinning
Mitchell 300/308, OR30 
Shakespere (Most Models) 
Penn 4400, 714 
Quantum IR3F+,GW20 
Diawa (BG13/BG10)
6-9 feet medium action 6-10lb class (200yds of 8lb mono)
Bass-Class Baitcasting Abu Garcia 5000, Shimano Calcutta CT-250, Diawa Procaster (many others) 5.5'-7.5' Medium action 10-15lb class (less than 200ydsof 15lb mono)
Ultra-Light/Light Spinning Quantum IR1F, IR2F 
Penn 4200/4300/716Z 
(a very large number of small spinning reels) 
4'-7' light action 4lb or less class (250yds/4lb mono or less)
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REEL/ROD examples
Heavy Saltwater Reel-Penn International 1213/1011, Ahab, Tycoon, Rod-GC9011/9012 (very expensive Tackle indeed)
#11-12+ (300yds/20lb backing+) Marlin, Large Tarpon, Tuna, Wahoo,Large Dorado, Large King Mackeral
Heavy Freshwater/Medium Saltwater Scientific Anglers 89/White River WR9090/9089 #9-#10 (150 yds/20lb backing) King Mackeral, most Dorado, medium/small Tarpon, Permit, Jack Crevalle, Large Stripers, Large Salmon, Large Bluefish,
Large Stripers, Large Musklelunge and Pike, Large Barracuda, Small Tunas, Yellowtail, Lake Trout
Medium Freshwater/Light Saltwater Pfluger 1595/Rod-Ugly Stick BWF 11009089 #7-#9 (100yds 20lb backing) Ladyfish, Weakfish, Small Salmon, Steelhead, most Pike/Muskies/Walleye, Speckled Trout, Spanish Mackeral, most Bluefish, Pacific Baracuda, Corvina, Largemouth Bass, Steelhead
Light Freshwater Martin  65, rod-Martin 8067C (my trout rod) #7 or less (less than 100yards of 20lb backing) Anything under 6lbs, Rainbow/Brown Trout/Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Panfish

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