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Light Saltwater Basic Lures and types

: 4 floater/diver crankbait, 5 Rebel Salmon series jointed crankbait, Rattletrap (well bitten), (not shown) pencil popper, zara spook and pooch, yozuri crystal minnow

 Bass Assassin (shad color), Saltwater Assasin

  4oz Diamond Jig (jigging spoon)      1/4oz Sidewinder (spoon)Note types not shown-Ironman 1/2/3, Kastmaster,Luhr-Jensen Krockodile

Jigs: Top left= 1/2oz Stump jumper (Roadrunner)
         Top Right = 1/8oz crappie jig
         Bottom: 4oz Cobia (Ling) jig with twister tail

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