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Giant Sharks of The Chesapeake Bay Basin (or San Francisco Bay or Hudson River)

( See if you have heard this yarn. Might explain some of those mystery snags, eh?-Cfish)
For yon centuries, the murky depths of Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries (where you see Chesapeake Bay insert San Francisco Bay for the West Coast version, or Hudson River for the North Eastern Version) have remained mysterious and shifting.  Strange objects and structures in unexpected places seem to reach out and grab baits and lures. Things (and sometimes people) sink into the depths never to be seen again.  What lurks in these waters? What leviathan awaits the unwary bait or diver? Why giant, cave dwelling (possible albino and blind), sharks of course! In the deep crevasses and caverns in the deepest waters, these beasts lurk, awaiting nightfall, when they prowl for prey.  During the day they peer out for any edible material to drop or drift by, such as an anglers' baits and lures.  As the edible item comes by, the shark reaches out its snout, bites and swallows the item, and slinks back into its lair.  Sometimes the shark simply hangs onto the item and then simply lets go.  The sharks seem to have a preference for heavily weighted lines (and the attached expensive heavy weights) with baits attached and the most expensive lures in an angler's box. At night, they seem to consume a variety of items, from loosely tied off dinghies, to boat bumpers, to mob murder victims (with concrete boots).  They bump boats as they cruise open water, bending props and knocking loose gear off the deck to consume (rods, reels, tool boxes, etc.).

So, next time you hook into and immovable object on the bottom, or feel a bump in the night, it could be a toothy leviathan from the deep, waiting for dinner!


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