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Terraforming closed cycle and 0g farming Terraforming, Closed Cycle Farming and Zero-g/microgravity farming. FreshWater Prawn Closed-Cycle Experiment

In 2007 I conducted an experiment (more of an exploration really, not very disciplined) in closed cycle Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii farming using a small space. Note that closed cycle farming uses water intially to fill tanks, then uses very little additional water afterwards (very enviromentally friendly). (In space, open cycle ala ponds, is not an option until you get really big domes, or terraformed planets :0)

Why? I am interested in closed cycle dynamics, and the limits of what the prawns can take for temperature and chemistry. 1) What are the real extremes that these prawns can handle in a closed cycle system? 2) What are the engineering challenges that emerge from the closed cycle system.

Shrimp Biology: ...

Getting the shrimp: Was very easy to buy 1000 post-larval Juvenilles from Aquaculture of Texas, Inc. and Mr. Upstrom was very helpful in getting me started. In space, one would use the intial stock to breed more shrimp.

Tanks: experimented with 2 types of tanks, and 3 filtering systems.