Of Oceans and Rivers, Fishes and Whales II: A Coloring Book of Marine Life Patterns for Grown-ups and Others

by Bryce L. Meyer ISBN: 1523972521 EAN13:9781523972524 LCCN: 2016902810
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A new coloring book of ocean life patterns for adults. Stressed out again? Inside are over a hundred coloring pages of dizzying patterns and swirls of fish, whales, dolphins, manatees, penguins, seals, and dugongs. Real species from the deep sea, open ocean, Amazon river, coral reefs, Antarctica, Arctic, Caribbean, South Pacific and others. Clear your mind and absorb these abstract designs. Detailed and challenging. Suitable for cut-out and framing. Learn about nature and enjoy the simple joy of coloring! Available at most on-line book stores, including Amazon.
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